Monday, January 24, 2011

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This post aims to answer several questions that I seem to get asked quite a bit, and provide some information about Tajikistan.

Where is Tajikistan?
What? A map?

Why are you going there?
My goal is to become fluent in Tajik Persian. I'll be in Dushanbe, Tajikistan from February 1st 2011 until late May or early June of 2011. I'm taking 15 credits of Tajik Persian, which will transfer back to the University of Virginia and count towards my degree in Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures. I'll be staying with a host family while in Dushanbe - my host mother's name is Saodat Safoeva. Saodat is a housewife and helps raise her son, Jalol's, family. Jalol works at a bank and his wife Muhabbat, stays home and takes care of the house. Jalol and Muhabbat have 3 children, my host siblings: Shohrukh, a 13 year old boy, Firuz a 12 year old boy and Shukrona, a 6 year old girl.

What's it like?
That's the lovely thing about Central Asia. I've never been. Unlike the Middle East, I get to view Central Asia with fresh eyes. It's exciting. 

Where are you now?
In Virginia. I took a "January Term" class after Christmas, and since the class is now finished I'm simply preparing to depart, waiting tables, and sleeping on a friend's floor.

I'll hopefully write one more post before my flight leaves (February 1st! A week away!).  Until then, be patient with my rambling, and feel free to comment as desired. 

- Em 

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